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About Us - got started in September 2002.  We're a voluntary community public service, started by a resident of Landing. We have enlisted others in the area who can contribute to the site through their knowledge of Landing and Lake Hopatcong history or their involvement in our community. We recently added content to our Bertrand Island Amusement Park page, and 4 new pages of Port Morris history written by a 2 long time residents, we gave a local family a page to show historical photos of their Landing business, and several other pages have historical photos submitted by readers. We are a real community website by Landing NJ people, for Landing NJ people. Over 55 present & former Landing residents have written remembrances that appear on our Letters Page.   We'll be adding even more pages and info over the next few months. Here are some basics about us:

1. This site seeks to serve our Landing & Port Morris NJ Community by providing a central place for all town info; listings of retail stores, service businesses, current Landing weather, school info, pages of historic Landing & Port Morris photographs, Roxbury Township info, Lake stuff, links to community websites and much more.
2. We don't charge for the directory listings for Landing businesses, and unlike the various bogus "your community website", (which looks the same for every town) we don't have a commercial agenda.
3. This site is non-political, non-partisan, family-friendly and seeks the good of all of Landing.
4. We invite your ideas and contributions to this site in the form of remembrances of Landing history, historic photos we can scan and share with others, Landing community activities and announcements, etc. We know of a number of residents who hoard their local historic photos. How sad & needless. Many thanks to those who have scanned their images and allowed them to be shared on this site.
5. This site was created from scratch and is edited from our beautiful Landing NJ studios overlooking scenic Lake Hopatcong.
(well, to be honest, in the winter you can see some of the Lake through the trees from our spare bedroom)

Most of the historical articles on the site were researched and written by your humble Editor, always noting sources at the end of the article. Increasingly, we see our work being . . . err . . . 'borrowed' without credit by other websites, by sellers of historical items on eBay, and most interestingly by Staff writers for both the Star-Ledger and Daily Record Newspapers in their various Community Profile, Community Snapshot, Day in the Life of . . . and so forth.  If you want to use material from this site, just ask nicely, and all will be well. Otherwise, I'll put "The Old-Man of the Marina" on your case, he will find you and force you to listen to hours of Hoppie the Lake Hopatcong Monster stories, all gathered from boaters who had spent too many hours on the Lake in full sun with an ice chest full of cheap wine coolers.

ADVERTISING: To pay for the modest costs to host this non-profit site, we accept a limited number of advertisements. If interested, you should know that the website has been online for 21 years, it's original, local, no templates, has many real local visitors (not just hits), has good sites that link to it (no Junk sites) including Wikipedia and various Official Municipal websites, and many readers, as evidenced by the "Letters" page. All the SEO I've done for it is clean, no junk/shady tactics. Very high Google rankings for New Jersey community websites. Email us for more info, address is below.

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This is a voluntary service of, a privately owned website. Content is determined by the Editor.  Landing, NJ is part of the Municipality of 
Roxbury Township, a link to the "official" Township website is on our "Links" page. All website contents Copyright 2002, 2023