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1950's & 1960's in Landing, New Jersey

Landing experienced a building boom in the 1950's and 1960's, with much of the growth taking place in the Shore Hills area. Many new suburban homes were built and older summer homes converted to year round use. During the immediate post World War II years, all Landing children attended the Elementary School in Port Morris. In 1961 a new Post Office is built on Lakeside Blvd. and in 1969 Nixon Elementary School was completed. A prominent name during this time was Emmanuel 'Manny' Selengut, who as owner of much property in Landing, developed the Shore Hills area in the 1950's & 60's, building many homes through his Company, S & S Construction. Many of the streets in Shore Hills are named after his family and friends, i.e; Mansel Dr. = Manny Selengut; Davesel, Henmar, Edith and Dinah are others. Chaplin Builders constructed other homes during this time. In the early 1970's the Landing Shopping Center was built on Lakeside Blvd with a large Supermarket, filling and paving over pond remnants of the Morris Canal where children would go to catch frogs.  

Aerial view of Landing NJ and Lake Hopatcong, looking north. Circa 1963, before the Shopping Center and Elementary School were built

Shore Hills Country Club Beach circa 1956. Manny Selengut's home and S & S Company sign at far right.

Shore Hills Country Club Beach circa 1958, a scarce postcard from the Editor's collection.  The building at right is a grocery store,
in the 1960's it was run by the Gutwein family, in the 1990's it was an IGA supermarket, later a Krauzers, today "Landing Market".

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Pete's sold Hot Dogs, Ice Cream and every other snack a beachgoer could desire. The building was 
across the road from Shore Hills Beach, on the site where the water utility building is today.

1 Landing Road, circa 1958, with the Emmet Supermarket and Landing Pharmacy. Landing Bridge is at far left.
This building was built circa 1950, and the Lunch and Soda counter in the Pharmacy was the largest at the Lake.
By the mid 70's the two large stores were gone, the building subdivided and occupied by offices and small stores.
It is scheduled to be demolished in early 2023 as Landing Bridge will be replaced with a wider structure.

Water fun at Shore Hills Beach, circa 1958

Fountain at the State Park, late 1950's

Beach at Lake Hopatcong State Park, Landing, NJ
Beach at Lake Hopatcong State Park, circa 1963

Fountain at the State Park, circa 1958. Some Lake water was diverted to create the Fountain,
then sent downstream to become the Musconetcong River.

About 1958. Boat rides were offered at the Park, the vessel at right looks like an old Steam Launch that was refitted.

About 1960. Boat rides were offered at the Park.

 Bathing beach at Lake Hopatcong State Park, circa 1964

Aerial view of Lake Hopatcong State Park, circa 1964

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