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Ladies & Gentlemen, Let's Go . . . A Half Mile Above Landing, New Jersey in 2003.
yes, the logo on the pics says 2007, but the images were taken circa 2003

We've got 2 Traffic Lights in Landing, and we're proud of 'em both. Look carefully at this intersection of
Lakeside Blvd (top), Landing Rd (left) and Mt. Arlington Rd (right) and you'll see one 'lil twinkler. Lake Hopatcong at the top.


Shore Hills Beach Club at left, Duck Pond at right


Corner of Rogers (left/right, east/west) and Mansel (top/bottom, north/south)


Large white building at Center is Nixon Public School, circa 2003, despite what the logo says


King's Cove. Nice digs.


The only place in Landing New Jersey to buy a Potato Knish, the Pathmark Shopping Center


These images are from the Google website, using their 'Earth' software. You'll need a decently powered computer with a separate video card to run the program. All images are circa 2003 and are from the vantage point of 2,640 feet in altitude: A Half Mile Above Landing.

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