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Lake Hopatcong Railway Station at Landing, NJ

Postcard above is Landing circa 1895-1903. This original Rail Station was about 75 yards west of the current one.
At the top of the photo, the building at far left is the rear of the King Brothers Grocery Store, the
center building is King's Ice Cream & Confectionery, the building at right is the Post Office.
This view looks northeast. (This postcard is a hand-colored black & white photo)

Landing New Jersey Post Office
Landing circa 1895, bridge over the Railroad and Morris Canal. In 1908 a masonry bridge
replaced this and is still in use today. The octagonal stone building was the site of the Post Office
at that time, later a Real Estate office. The building was demolished and the site is now the Parking Lot
of an office building. This view looks southwest.

Morris Canal and Lackawanna RR at Landing, New Jersey
Landing Rail Station and Morris Canal, circa 1895-1905 with a "Black Line" boat dropping off passengers.
This section of the Canal was filled in and is now a parking area. This view looks West.

Landing NJ transportation
Many forms of Transportation can be seen in this circa 1910 hand colored photo:
The Tracks and Train of the Lackawanna Railway, the Morris Canal waterway, the recently completed  Landing masonry bridge which
carried Automobiles, Horse-drawn carriages and the Trolley tracks of the Morris County Traction Company. This view looks northwest.
The old Landing RR Station is partially seen under the left arch.

The "old" Lackawanna Railroad Station at Landing, circa 1908-1910, about 75 yards west of the current platform.
This station was on the north side of the tracks. Its waiting room had a stand that sold newspapers, candy, and souvenir postcards
like this one. In this image there are several smaller scenes; at right the well-dressed "Dandy" is being eyed by the two Ladies
above him on the stairs, the older Porter is giving his young audience an earful, businessmen and salesmen wait for trains.
During this era, trains ran frequently as they were the main transportation between cities and few people had cars.

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Landing Railway
The "New" Railway Platform and Building, 1911. The current platform occupies the same area.
This Morris Canal section is now filled in and is a parking area. The pedestrian bridge and towers were removed years ago.
The Station house seen at top right still stands and has been used as offices and a retail store in recent years.

We recently received this personal family photo from Rick Hageman, taken by his Grandfather Carl D. Hageman circa 1916.
Rick writes: "My grandfather, his girlfriend (later becoming my grandmother), and some childhood friends were frequent visitors to the area.
The parties were members of the Easton PA Canoe Club and made frequent canoe trips on the canal systems at Easton and the
adjoining areas, including Lake Hopatcong".
This view looks north to the lake from the area of today's traffic light, note the Trolley tracks.
At the time, the building at left was the Post Office & Grocery Store.


Morris County Traction Company trolleys at Landing circa 1910, area of today's traffic light. The building behind the Trolleys
eventually became the site of a Repair Garage, then a Realtors Office after much modification. The Lake is at left, out of view.

The Mountain Ice Company, circa 1895. This huge operation employed large numbers who cut ice blocks on the Lake in the winter, storing them in a mammoth wooden insulated storage building, and shipping the ice out by rail to fill the iceboxes of city dwellers  in warm weather. The Ice house was located off Yellow Barn Ave, near the Silver Springs section of Landing and was owned by Theodore King. The RR tracks were a spur off the Lackawanna Line at Landing and serviced the Ice House as well as the Atlas Powder (Explosives) Co.

On July 12, 1912
the huge wooden ice storage building of the Mountain Ice Co. burned to the ground in a fire
so large the flames lit up the sky all around the Lake. The dark areas on the ice are the ashes from the fire.

Landing New Jersey historic home
The "Carey Cottage", circa 1914, with the 'new' Ice House behind it. This house is on Mt. Arlington Blvd. just about 50 yards north of today's Nixon Public School. It was originally built in the 1880's and in it's earlier years is said to have been a part-time residence for the King brothers as they supervised their business interests in Mining, Real Estate, their Retail Stores and Ice Harvesting, all in and around Landing.  King's Mountain Ice Company was at this site. This huge operation employed large numbers who cut ice blocks on the Lake in the winter, storing them in a mammoth wooden insulated storage hanger, and shipping the ice out by canal and rail to fill the iceboxes of city dwellers in warm weather. In July 1912 the wooden hanger burned to the ground in a fire so large the flames lit up the sky all around the Lake. In 1913 an even bigger storage building was built in a fireproof construction of steel and hollow ceramic tile with insulating properties. The "Carey Cottage" served as a residence for the family of the Ice House Supervisor, John Carey, his wife Mary and children and appears to have been refurbished in 1913 with the same tile exterior as the Ice House. At the time of it's construction, it's 56 foot height made it the largest Ice House in America. It was said to be able to hold 100,00 tons of ice. It was the largest single-span construction in the USA until Radio City Music Hall was built. The "new" ice house is visible in this photo behind the house. Ramps stretched down to the lake to bring the ice up. In this photo, the Supervisors house had just been sheathed with the tile. Note the Trolley tracks in front and the wooden pole holding the overhead trolley electric line. With the advent of electric refrigeration, the ice house closed in 1935 and was torn down in 1939. The 'Carey' house, at 285 Mt. Arlington Blvd., still stands, just north of Nixon Elementary School. Note the view above, Bertrand Island is at upper right. The Camera must have been on a high platform to intentionally "shoot over" the tree line to be able to show the Lake.
(Photo Courtesy of the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum)


Our friends at the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum sent us these rare Landing photos:

Today's Lakeside Boulevard
looking south
towards Landing Center.
(note Landing bridge at right,
trolley in background, horse cart)
(circa 1912)

Courtesy of the
Lake Hopatcong
Historical Museum
landing2.jpg (27663 bytes)
landing3.jpg (39263 bytes)

Flowers Store,
Landing (circa 1910)

Lakeside Boulevard

This store had an outdoor eating area in the summer.

Courtesy of the
Lake Hopatcong
Historical Museum

Flowers Store,
Landing (circa 1910)

Lakeside Boulevard

The signs advertise Sandwiches, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Grape Juice, Fruit Sundaes, Cigars, Cigarettes and Viedt's Ice Cream.

Courtesy of the Lake Hopatcong
Historical Museum

White Line
steamer "Hopatcong"
at Landing Dock
(circa 1905)

Courtesy of the
Lake Hopatcong
Historical Museum
landing4.jpg (29144 bytes)


Looking south over the "new" Landing Bridge, circa 1908. Behind the camera is Lake Hopatcong, the building across the bridge is the Westmoreland Hotel, no longer standing, near the site of today's "Station Hardware". The trolley is from the Morris County Traction Company, whose line ran from Morristown, through Dover, over the Landing Bridge and then, by 1910, onto Bertrand's Island.

The front of the Westmoreland Hotel in Landing NJ, circa 1907. The Bryant family operated the hotel,
which was located about 50 yards behind the current 'Station Hardware'

The back of the Westmoreland Hotel, circa 1907, with a pond that still exists to the west of Landing Road.
The area of the Landing bridge is at upper right.

The following 'Sepia-Toned' photos were sent by John DeBellis, Thanks John !!
mvc2s.jpg (42407 bytes)
Lakeside Boulevard looking south towards Landing Center. Building at right is the John Arendagzky
Grocery and still stands at 109 Lakeside Blvd., today's Lakeview Deli. (Could that be Theo. King at left ?!!)

mvc3s.jpg (36637 bytes)
This view is a few feet further down Lakeside Blvd. from the photo above. This photo
is significant in that it appears to have been taken during the short period after
the "new" Landing Bridge was built but before the old one was removed, c. 1911.

mvc6s.jpg (33166 bytes)
The end of Lake Hopatcong in Landing, looking south. The Camera position is
near today's "Lake's End" Marina.

mvc7s.jpg (28775 bytes)
Looking south over the "new" Landing Bridge, circa 1912. Behind the camera is Lake Hopatcong,
the building across the bridge is the Westmoreland Hotel. Dorastus L. Bryant and a group of investors
built the Hotel circa 1890.
When first built, it was called the 'Lake End Hotel' and renamed the
'Westmoreland' in 1897. It's Restaurant and Banquet Hall was highly regarded. During World War One,
the nearby Atlas Powder Co. geared up to produce large quantities of munitions for the Army. Atlas housed
its' new workers at the Hotel. After the War, the Hotel was renamed the 'Monticello'. The Hotel burned
down in 1922, it's near the site of today's "Station Hardware".

After the demise of the Westmoreland Hotel, several buildings sprung up along heavily traveled 
Landing Road. To service the growing number of Automobiles, Benson's Garage opened in the 1920's, 
it's site is today's Landing Gulf Gas station.

Shore Hills Beach, Landing, New Jersey
In the 1950's "Shore Hills Estates" was a Real Estate venture that built dozens of homes in the hills of Landing.
Part of the marketing was the offer of membership in "Shore Hills Beach & Country Club", shown in this
circa 1957 postcard. The Developer, S & S Construction / Manny Selengut had an office just out of the
photo at right, however their sign is visible. A few years later Chaplin Homes would construct here as well.

This page can only begin to cover the rich history of Landing. While this Landing history page is an independent effort, we recommend a visit to the The Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum at the State Park, open Sunday afternoons in the Spring and Fall. Admission is free, donations accepted.

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