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Here's the zig-zag boundary line between Landing, part of Roxbury Township, in the lighter color,
and Mount Arlington, in the darker color. The seemingly irrational borders can be traced back
to 1890, when a few districts voted to secede from Roxbury, and others didn't.
Nevertheless, some streets in Mt. Arlington have Landing, NJ 07850 addresses.

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mqmap.gif (29256 bytes)

air-big.jpg (51294 bytes)
Wide Overview. I-80 goes from right to left along the bottom, Lake Hopatcong in the middle

a-bridge3w.jpg (38005 bytes)
Close-up of Landing Bridge area, map is shifted from true north. RR tracks cross from right to
lower left corner.

a-cntr4.jpg (55113 bytes)
Overview. Large white building at Center is Nixon Public School. Light clouds at top.

a-shore1.jpg (52252 bytes)
Close up of Shore Hills Beach

a-ptmrs2.jpg (63139 bytes)
Port Morris section of Landing with Rail Yard. Center street goes thru the middle of town,
the Musconetcong River is at the very top.

a-slvrspg.jpg (46821 bytes)
Close up of Silver Spring section and Nixon Public School.

airplane1.jpg (39149 bytes)
Lake Hopatcong State Park at bottom, Bertrand Island at center.

Aerial view of Landing in 1963. The Shopping Center and Nixon School were not yet built.

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