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 An on-going listing of Resources, Websites and local attractions of interest to 
Roxbury Township families with children. Updated January 18, 2021


Black River & Western Railway, Flemington, NJ  Train Excursions

Campgaw Mountain Ski Area, Mahwah, NJ  Skiing, Winter Sports

CS Gymnastics, Flanders, NJ - near ITC Crossing Shopping Center, Kids Gym, Dance, Parent-Child classes

Dance Worship Institute - Randolph, NJ, - Classes & Instruction in Praise Dance

Dream Dance Studio - Orben Dr,  Landing, NJ 07850   973-398-1888 - Kids Dance

Gems Gymnastics - Randolph NJ, # 973-584-4111  or  Rockaway NJ # 973-627-3276

Generations of Dance - Kids Dance, Gymnastics, Ballet.  Landing, NJ   tel  973-810-2252  

Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey - Fun activities and character development, local Roxbury groups

Growing Stage Live Theatre, Netcong, NJ  Family Theatre, volunteer involvement

Gymnastics Inc - Kenvil, NJ  Classes, Parties

High Point Ski Area,  Sussex, NJ   Winter Sports, Cross-country, Snowshoe

K Party Rentals   Party Eqt Rental, Inflatable tubes, Moonwalk, B'day parties

Land of Make Believe, Hope, NJ   Family Water & Amusement Park

Moms Club of Roxbury Area - For stay- at-home moms, part time or full time, offering a variety of activities

Mountain Creek Ski Area,  Vernon, NJ  Skiing, Winter Sports

Museum of Early Trades & Crafts, Madison, NJ   Exhibits & hands-on demos of all sorts of great stuff !

New Jersey State Fair, Augusta - Sussex County   Every August, Entertainment, Agriculture, Contests

Pump It Up Party Zone, Randolph, NJ  Huge Inflatables, Birthday Parties, Arcade

Space Farms Zoo and Museum, Sussex, NJ   Animals, antique cars, something for everyone !

Sun High Farm & Orchards, Randolph, NJ    Tours, small farm animals, farm market, fall hayride

Whippany Railway Museum, Whippany, NJ   See Steam Engines up close! Special Holiday Programs

Wightman's Farms, Bernardsville, NJ  Corn Maze, Fall Hayrides & Pumpkin Picking

Wild West City, Byram, NJ   Western Shows. They also run "no-gun" days with Pioneer demonstrations


Beanstalk Academy - 153 Lakeside Boulevard,  Landing, NJ 07850  #  973-770-3939

Bright Horizons - 150 Clark Dr, Int'l Trade Zone, Mt. Olive, NJ.  973-691-0776

Growing Tree Childcare - 1070 Route 46, Ledgewood, NJ #  973-927-8888

Creative Kidcare - 7B Lackawanna Dr, Byram, NJ #  973-347-0733

Creative Kids Learning Center - 77 Sunset Strip, Succasunna, NJ.  983-584-2202

EduCare Academy,  19 Hwy 10, Succasunna, NJ.  973-927-3331

Little Jewish Pre School - 11 Norman Rd, Rockaway, NJ.  973-625-1525

Magical Moments Child Care, 48 Edgemere Av, Mt. Arlington, NJ.   973-398-3800

Rosemary's Child Care, private home near Nixon Elementary School, Landing, NJ.  973-398-1868

Roxbury Day Care, before and after school programs, 2 locations in Landing:
  Nixon Elementary School and River View Apartments. Call 973-584-9671 for info

The Academy - Pre-School & Kindergarten, 1176 Route 10, Randolph, NJ  973-598-0885

The Nixon Public School Office has a list of Landing 'Home Based' Child Care Providers

Math Tutoring - Middle School & High School Algebra, Calculus, Geometry - 

BLACK BEARS like living in Landing just as much as people do !!  Click below for safety info:

Resources for Home Schooling & School Choice

Mosaic FreeSchool, Liberty Corner, NJ

The following were recommended by our readers, approved by the Editor and are family friendly:

American Academy of Family Physicians - Visit their website so you won't need to visit their office.

Family Research Council
- Protecting children & families, Character & Values education.

Kids Health - Prevention, Symptoms, First Aid.

Healthline -
Comprehensive overview of over 1000 health conditions

National Institutes of Health Medline - US Government run Medical Info site.

National Organization for Marriage - Advocacy for Traditional Marriage.

New Jersey Family Policy Council - Resources, NJ Legislative information on preserving traditional values.

Pediatric AIDS Foundation - A non-political charity helping children with HIV. Deserving of support.

Web MD - Comprehensive Medical Reference.

New Jersey Poison Information & Education System
Poison Info Hotline:  1-800-222-1222   Write it down !!

State of New Jersey Guidelines on School Bullying  (Became NJ State Law on September 1, 2003)
With the increase of violence in schools generally, coupled with the sad fact that many parents allow their children to watch TV, Videos and Movies that feature (and promote) violence, the issue of the "School Bully" takes on a new urgency. When this is coupled with the fact that 'Entertainment' targeted toward teens often contains language that belittles those who don't 'run with the crowd', the stage is set for Teens getting the idea that their bullying behavior will be overlooked. Many parents have felt that some Roxbury School Teachers and Principals have taken this issue too lightly in past years and only recently are beginning to understand the seriousness of this. The definition of Bullying is not only outright violence, but can also take the form of consistent verbal harassment against a child in school or on the School Bus while away from the eyes of a Teacher. This reality seems to escape some Roxbury school staff and explains why some Roxbury parents drive their kids to and from School, rather than putting them on the bus and having them harassed by constant vulgarities, gutter talk and subtle threats. These start as early as 5th or 6th grade, and intensify in 7th and 8th, as some parents of Eisenhower Middle School students have learned.

Several concerned Roxbury School Guidance Counselors are doing what they can to set up anti-Bullying programs, and we appreciate their efforts. However, some Roxbury School Administrators, Board Members, Teachers and Phys Ed Staff still have not embraced the need to be pro-active about this serious problem, and only "do something" after a child has been traumatized. They pay "lip service" to the anti-bullying programs, while their behavior shows that they actually regard these rules as an annoyance.  While Roxbury is probably little different than other suburban districts as regards the extent of this problem, the passage in 2003 of a new state-wide law on "Bullying", gives parents  objective and measurable standards with which to hold School Administrators accountable. Download the file above which is the NJ State Guideline which took effect in September 2003.  It is an Adobe .pdf file. Save to your Computer using the Adobe File Menu. The website below has additional resources, and has a focus on our local Roxbury Township Schools.

  Roxbury NJ Public School Students Facing Bullying 

If you drink any kind of Alcoholic beverage and then get behind the wheel, you are a potential murderer. Yes, it's that simple. Just ask the family of the Landing 18 year old who died on I-80 several  years ago after his "friend" the driver drank and then drove. More recently, another Landing driver stands accused of causing a fatal accident while 'impaired'. Consuming even small amounts of alcohol dulls the senses, increases reaction time, and hampers judgment, vision and alertness. If you consume any amount of alcohol and your driving is affected, you can be convicted of drunk driving in the State of New Jersey. Don't be an idiot. Don't drink and drive.
New Jersey Mothers Against Drunk Driving - MADD  

New Jersey State Police Sex Offender Internet Registry.  This website allows you to
check if any registered sex offenders live in a certain area.

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