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This page contains an archive of Landing photos that have been used previously on the "front page" of our website,
as well as others of interest.
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The winter of 2003-04 brought lots of snow to Landing, NJ. Of course, that didn't stop
 the faithful Mail Carriers of Postal Zip 07850. We salute you !!

A forgotten boat on a forgotten pier off Kingsland Road, but just wait till summer !

Lake Louise" off Kingsland Ave, March 2004. Named for Emma Louise King, born 1881, the only surviving child 
of Theodore & Emma King of Ledgewood & Landing. This pond was formed around 1905 when Theodore, 
who owned much of the land in the area, closed off a little bay of Lake Hopatcong. Their summer cottage
still stands to this day, it's to the right, just out of this picture.

Winter's last snow is melting off the trees that overhang lake Louise and creating rings as it falls into the water.

Lake Hopatcong and houses in the Silver Spring section of Landing, NJ, as seen on an overcast day in March 2004.
Photo was taken from Kingsland Road.

Winters' last snowfall, March 19, 2004, Shore Hills Park, Landing, NJ

spring03.JPG (111764
Spring finally comes to Landing, April 2003
(Winter 2002-003 saw 5 strong snowfalls hit Landing)
This Dam was constructed in 1925 at the closing of the Morris Canal. It marks the start of the Musconetcong River.

Lake Hopatcong
            Historical Museum in Winter
The Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum at the State Park, Landing, NJ - January 2003

Lake Hopatcong Autumn
Heading out for a little morning fishin' in Landing, NJ - October 2002.

Landing NJ Shore
            Hills Park
Shore Hills Park, Landing, NJ, October 2004

Entrance to the Kingsland neighborhood, October 2002, sign with wood cut-out letters.

Entrance to the Kingsland neighborhood, October 2004. The Old sign is gone, replaced by a new 'Old' sign.

Off Kingsland Road, a view of the Lake from the West Shore, October 2004

In the center is "Clambake Island", private property, so don't even think about a picnic there!  October 2004.

"Lake Louise", October 2004.

Such a perfect autumn photo can make you think of apple picking, Halloween, and other fall activities.
There are many types of Halloween candy 2020 available to choose from which trick-or-treaters will enjoy.

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