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The Licciardiello family in front of their grocery store, 247 Center St, Port Morris, circa 1930
Back row from left: Carmella (Carbonaro),  Mrs. Adrianna Licciardiello ,  Julia (Adanuncio), Mr. Giulio Licciardiello,  Evelyn (DeCarolis)
Front row from left: Lee (Passanante),  Betty (Torrise),  Mike Fennimore (son of Madeline, another daughter),  Stephen.

Wedding of
& Sam Palumbo

Bridesmaid is
Evelyn Licciardiello,
Groomsman ??
circa 1928


The Port Morris Transfers Baseball Team, circa 1920,
made up of Railway Employees

Boy Scouts Troop 1, Port Morris, NJ, 1921. Guy Davis is holding US Flag at
left, his family owned a small hotel in Port Morris. The Henderson twins in suits with center parted hair are also seen on our Port Morris Red Man page.


Most people who live in Port Morris know of the close bonds they have with Netcong, NJ, their neighbor community
just 2 miles away. Both towns saw the Morris Canal and then the Railroad offering employment which attracted immigrants.
The large influx of immigrants from Italy starting around 1895 filled both towns with members of extended families,
with many coming from the towns of Cesa and Luciano in Italy. Many Port Morris families attended St. Michael's Church in Netcong.
So, above and below, we're presenting the 2 halves of a large panoramic photo of the community gathering for the 50th Wedding
Anniversary of John and Carmella Demattio held at their home in Netcong around 1951. The photo scan was supplied by Ronald Waldron,
he's the tall boy (below) in front in the striped shirt holding his little brother Bobby Waldron.


This panoramic photo was taken by a vintage "Banquet Camera", that rotated to take a very clear photo up to a half circle around a room.
These two halves show the celebration for the 40th wedding anniversary of Biaggio & Natalie Dellamo in 1961 at Mintons, a banquet hall
in Stanhope popular with these Port Morris and Netcong families. Submitted by a family friend.


Thanks to the Santella and Waldron family for many of the photos on this page !!


Some Port Morris graduates of Roxbury High School:

Kenneth Obdyke, Roxbury HS Yearbook 1927. The family ran a large grocery store in Landing.

Ruth Parcell, Roxbury HS Yearbook 1927

Roosevelt De Marino, Roxbury HS Yearbook 1928, the De Marino family ran a large grocery store and Dot De Marino was
exceptionally well known as the Postmaster of the small Post Office in Port Morris which was located in a small corner of her
home for a time.  She was also an occasional translator for many older Port Morris residents born in Italy.

Frances Groondyke, Roxbury HS Yearbook 1929. Many families of Dutch ancestry reside in north Jersey.

Thelma Hilts, Roxbury HS Yearbook 1929. The Hilts family came to Morris County before the Revolutionary War.
Among the oldest residents of Roxbury Township, their name appears in several places as landowners on an 1853 map

1956 Graduates of Roxbury High School from Port Morris


GROWING UP IN PORT MORRIS IN THE 40'S & 50'S by Brian Dillion

Hello, my name is Brian Dillon. I grew up living on Washington Street in Port Morris until 1962 when I joined the United States Air Force.

My Mother, Ella Wink Dillon was a 4th school teacher at the grade school in Succasunna in the 40s and 50s; later earning a Master's Degree in Education, and became Principal of 2 elementary schools in Succasunna and one in Berkshire Valley. She died November 22, 1964 of a heart attack at the age of 47. (one year to the day that JFK was killed). I read all the history's on your website by Sal Valentino and others. I remember Myron Christie as a softball player....I saw him play. My Father, Jack Dillon, actually contacted the New York Yankees, and a scout came out to watch Myron....only problem was, the Yankees are hard ball; not softball. So nothing materialized for Myron. Myron (Mr. Christie) was one of my childhood heroes; not because of softball, but he was a musician....great trumpet player and singer. He and his band performed at a gin mill, on the road out of Netcong toward Budd Lake. He sang the song "Mamselle" better than Sinatra. Picking up the mail at the Post Office was always fun; Dot and Rosie (De Marino) were a hoot. Always smiling and fun. Joe Perfetti, who recently passed away, was a giant man to me. One time I went up to buy my Dad a pack of Luckies. Joe looks me in the eye, bends over the counter and says "Brian, this had better be for Your Father, or I'll kick your ass". I can still see the ever present cigar.....The 1940 Hercules Powder Company explosion (3 years before I was born) was bad for my family. My Father worked there. Four guys (can't remember their names) car pooled from Port Morris to work that day....only my Father came home. Medics found him wondering around in the woods, pretty burned. He had ringing of the ears all his life. He lived to 85, passing away in North Carolina. Loppy a kid I used to take a bucket to the dinner at the tracks; they would fill it with water, and I'd bring it back to Loppy. As a small child, like most children in the early 50s, I had my holster and cap guns. Loppy used to call me "Drag A Long".....holster was always falling....I had no butt.....still don't. Joey Granato lived down the street from us...he played the accordion. I also took it up.... My Grand Parents, John and Suzanna Wink arrived from Europe in the early 1900's. Mom Wink stayed home, cooked, and kept the 4 kids, my Mother Ella, Aunts Elsie & Ida, and Uncle Johnny. Daddy Wink worked at the round house...boiler maker I think. I can still see him walking into his house after a day at work at the railroad. Ice fishing was a lot of fun....10 tip ups....we made our own. My Brother Wayne and I were usually the first one's on the lake New Years Morning....(that season used to be Jan 1 - Jan 31st) My Uncle Johnny Wink served in the US Navy during WW II. He never talked about it, but was in the bloody battle of Guadalcanal. Robert Carmean and I were best of friends from the time we were 5 years old.

My first memory of Port Morris was in 1948 or 49 when my parents were building their house. I remember the big hole in the ground and the house being built. Another memory was my Grand Mother walking me to my first day of kindergarten at Port Morris Elementary. Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Crater; 1st Grade, Mrs. Bamburger; 2nd Grade, Mrs. Daniels, 3rd Grade: Mrs. Buddle; 4th Grade Mrs. McConnell; 5th Grade, Mrs. Pell; and 6th Grade, the principal at the time, George Bell. He would wack you upside the head if you were screwing off or causing trouble. Good man!!! (yes I got wacked at least once) A music Teacher, Mrs. Anderson, who lived in Chatham, came once a week to Port Morris Elementary School. I can still see her and hear her, teaching us a song called "Just Before the Battle Mother"

Was nice reminiscing the good ole days....these days (2014 forward) will not be looked at as good ole days....except for the politicians getting rich killing the middle class in their wake.
Brian Dillon, Arizona


James Henry Fancher (b. 1871)
and his wife
Minnie May Sargent Fancher (b. 1873)
with their sons
Edward R. Fancher (b. 1898),
Harry K. Fancher (b. 1900)

Photo circa 1902

There were many branches of the Fancher family in Morris County going back to the Revolutionary War. James & Minnie lived in Port Morris. Minnie's brothers and their descendents, the Sargent family, lived in Port Morris for over a century.


More to come, stay tuned . . .

If you want to submit photos and text of your family history in Port Morris, please email the Editor using the address on the "About" page. We're looking for vintage photos, especially those which show outside scenes of Port Morris. No money changes hands, this is a local community website.


An aerial view of Port Morris, circa 1936-1950. Clearly visible at center right is the Railroad Train Roundhouse.
Lake Musconetcong is at the bottom. Netcong is just out of view to the right, Landing is at the top left of photo.

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