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Readers Photo Submissions - Landing & Lake Hopatcong New Jersey 

We're happy to display your old personal photos of the Lake Hopatcong area. Just send full size as an attachment 
to the e-mail address below, and include some text that describes the images. Thanks !

Jeanne Allen writes: "My Dad, George W. Beard, born 1905, was from Paterson, New Jersey and worked in New York for 
the Erie Railroad. In this ice fishing photo he is sitting. (circa 1924, Callaghan's Cove area, now called Hurd's Cove, near today's 
Brady's Bridge) An alternative spelling for this area is Callahans Cove, after the Callahan family shown on the 1887 Robinson map.

He and four buddies are in a fishing boat in this picture. They are George W. Beard (back right), Clem Dietz, John McBride, Al Berger.
They were most likely school friends of my father from the Paterson, NJ area. Another picture shows a most impressive catch of 
various fish displayed. Of more importance to my
father than the people seems to have been the fish. (smile). (photo circa 1923)

Fish caught at Lake Hopatcong on May 23, 1923 by George W. Beard and friends.

Thanks Jeanne for sharing these unique photos !

Hello, I found these two old family pics. My uncle's bungalow, (that he built),
 that used to sit on the site of the "cinderblock monstrosity" (see below) with the dock (deck) that goes out to the "rock". 
The Kingsland Association's records will show a Lawrence Mapps as the former owner of this property.

(Lake on right, photo looks north, Editor)
I spent many summers at his cottage here as a kid and have many good memories. 

The large building on the left is on the site of the cottage above (photo by the Editor)

Another view of the large residence on Kingsland Rd that overlooks the Lake.

My other Uncle, Frank Gross lived in this house just down the road that he 
converted to year-round living until his death in the early 90's.

The 1940 Pontiac was my dad's ( Joe Fontana ) and was taken I believe in the late 40's, parked 
in front of the Mapps' cottage (where the road goes up the hill on the right).
Rich Fontana, Winfield Park, NJ.

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