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Landing, New Jersey Utility Complaints - Updated July 18, 2014

In a recent interview with a business magazine, Holly Kauffman,
Vice President of Operations for JCP&L was asked:

What is your top business priority for 2012?
Holly Kauffman answered:
" My priority is to align my organization with changing global energy trends like green power and understand the challenges of connecting it with metropolitan markets. We will also improve our processes by incorporating lessons learned on the most recent project, continue to promote environmental stewardship through our construction practices"   - sorry Holly,

Your top priority as VP of Operations of JCP&L is to ensure an uninterupted supply of electricity to the customers.
So, after all those "improvements" you brag about in the Press Releases,
JCP&L Execs couldn't be hired to wire a doghouse in Landing NJ.
Hey Holly, think this is unfair? Try sleeping in a freezing house for 8 9 10 11 nights straight, that's unfair. UPDATE: Our friends in the Port Morris section of Landing were dark 14 nights.

New Bad News: On July 5, 2013, not one, but two big Power Outages hit Landing!

July 7-8, 2013 the JCP&L Kenvil station was hit by a Weather related outage. For most Utilities, this would be a several hour fix, but we are talking the bargain basement equipment JCP&L uses, so it has been 18 hours and counting.


November 12, 2012 Update

After spending a 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th freezing night without electric power, and after seeing nearby communities have their power turned on 2 3, 4 days ago, residents of the densely populated Shore Hills neighborhood of Landing, NJ within Roxbury Township NJ are saying that they sick and tired of always being the last to have power restored storm after storm, in spite of only having moderate storm damage.

In an interview given only two months ago, August 2012, VP of Operations for JCP&L, Holly Kauffman said that the electric utility had learned it's lesson from Hurricane Irene and was very well prepared to handle upcoming storms. Ms Kaufman detailed advances in trucks, hiring, communications, etc.

That that may be true in theory, but it's not true, and has never been true for Landing NJ. Storm after storm, JCP&L leaves us till last. The Shore Hills area of Landing NJ is served by the Mount Arlington NJ electric sub-station. This building has the best equipment that Thomas Edison could secure. During the Sandy super-storm, out of state electric crews called in to help actually complained about an out of date grid and equipment, with these conditions making their work take so much longer.

Ms. Kauffman: When will you stop leaving our area until last among north Jersey towns ??!!

In a press release, JCP&L said: "Jersey Central Power & Light has named Keith Roloson and Martin Tuck general managers for Operation Services. Roloson and Tuck will be based in JCP&L's Northern Region, supervising the inspection and maintenance of the JCP&L infrastructure while overseeing line shops in Boonton, Dover, Flemington, Newton, Summit and Washington"

Well Keith & Marty, you'll probably leave your abandonment of Landing NJ off your résumé  when you send it around, as there needs to be a shake-up at JCP&L.

Listen, the Shore Hills area of Landing is densely populated & only about 2 miles square.
It's served by the JCP&L Mount Arlington sub-station & includes streets such as Logan Drive, Dell Road, Henmar Drive, Vail Road, Wills Rd, Atlas Road.
Your boss Holly Kauffman thinks we're low priority, but that must change now.

Hey Holly, Holly .  .  . our houses were freezing for almost 2 weeks, our lives were turned upside down, our children got sick, so after calling JCP&L every morning, we sat in the Roxbury Library and put up this page to call attention to our situation. THIS IS OUR POWER!!

Updated July 18, 2014

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